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For the analysis of investment strategies and for time series analysis in general, we develop analytical tools. These are applied internally for fund and manager selection. Modern interfaces (restful APIs), our modules, tools and databases are provided as (web)services. APIs can be implemented for web applications and used in own software (e.g. Excel) as well as in client apps.

APIs & Modules

With QAP FIGURES and QAP BLIS we deliver APIs that can be easily integrated into your software, website or client app.

QAP FIGURES calculates risk and return figures, such as correlations of instruments. For example, you can calculate the outperformance of an ETF against an individual time series like those of client portfolios. The insights and full transparency can lead to recommendations and actions.

QAP BLIS, our bookkeeping logic for investment strategies, calculates strategies and (pro forma) portfolios continuously, for historical simulation or a combination of both. Many parameters can be set. Rule-based strategies run fully automated through the system. For discretionary strategies a comfortable user interface is used. In communication with your clients you can point to a neutral third party.

Especially for ETFs and other rule-based strategies, even content can be provided in a standardized manner and individualized for client reporting.

Software and services from QAP can be connected to your databases and individual extensions are built for fully automated solutions, e.g. robo advisory.