QAP Analytic Solutions GmbH is a Consultancy with Focus on Financial Market Topics. We combine Expertise in Asset Management with internal IT Capabilities.

Case Studies on FinTech & Digitalization
Pressure on margins, regulation and the demand from clients for transparent online portfolios are the major topics, wealth managers and other financial intermediaries are forced to deal with. Standardization and automation of processes, even of individually tailored portfolios can be part of a solution. For and together with a wealth manager we have developed a digital growth strategy and a pricing model that minimizes cannibalization. The solution supports growth in assets and client base while at the same time allows for price discrimination.    Download Case Study
QAP advises Diversifikator on quantitative analysis, ETF selection, and the realization of the website and tools. Diversifikator GmbH offers transparent portfolios for „skeptical“ advisors and investors. Founded in 2016 by Prof. Dr. Dirk Söhnholz, the „FinTech“ company provides diversified, forecast-free portfolios on its website Target groups are financial intermediaries (B2B) as well as private clients (B2C). For the website users, “Test-it-Yourself”-Tools show appropriate portfolio allocations and scenarios in an easy, fast and intuitive way.     Download Case Study