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QAP develops investment strategies. From simple asset allocation models with a few ETFs, over passive factor strategies to complex, active multi-strategy models, we cover a wide range. For certain topics and for niches where we see a demand for or a lag of strategies, we start building strategies on our own motivation.

For investors, we also analyze new and existing strategies. We focus on finding dependencies and try to reveal which assumptions and scenarios might be unsustainable going forward. Qualitative and quantitative analysis go hand in hand. Our experience from strategy development is indispensable. Any overlooked detail, anywhere in the value chain from research to execution, can make the difference between an attractive risk return profile and undesirable outcome.

QAP is independent and our interests are aligned with those of our buy side investors. In terms of fund and manager selection, we have no incentives or advantages to favor our proprietary strategies.

CASE STUDY: Oil Strategy
Oil (energy in general) is the most important commodity/input for products and services. As such, its supply has tremendous effects on prices, inflation, and the valuation of assets. Over the last years, the oil price was characterized by two severe drawdowns in 2008 and 2014/2015. A passive allocation to oil (roll losses not considered) lost money. We developed a strategy that is only positioned (long or short) when conviction is high. We acknowledge that information is missing. Instead of targeting the oil price, our multi factor model processes the behavior of market participants and concludes effects on the direction of oil. An attractive risk return profile is established from improved correlation features compared to a passive allocation and from causal independence to widely used approaches like trend following.