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FinTech, ETFs and regulation in combination are a major topic, wealth managers and other financial intermediaries are forced to deal with. Together with our clients, we develop business models to transform the challenges into successful digital growth stories.
CASE STUDY: Diversifikator
Diversifikator GmbH offers transparent portfolios for „skeptical“ advisors and investors. Founded in 2016 by Prof. Dr. Dirk Söhnholz, the „FinTech“ company provides diversified, forecast-free portfolios on its website Target groups are financial intermediaries (B2B) as well as private clients (B2C). For the website users, “Test-it-Yourself”-Tools show appropriate portfolio allocations and scenarios in an easy, fast and intuitive way.

Consulting & Execution Skills

Together with our clients, we develop business models to transform the challenges into successful digital growth stories. Starting with an assessment of the financial intermediary’s current situation and resources, moving to idea generation, concept development and feasibility studies, we can also offer process and IT implementation from a single source.

When implementing ideas which first sounded simple, innovative and “disruptive”, the many restrictions, exceptions and tricky regulations can become obstacles. With a strong partner who has detailed knowledge and the necessary market overview, the project can be realized in time and on budget.

CASE STUDY: Digitalization & Price Discrimination
A wealth manager that advises wealthy private clients wants to reach out to a younger target group. This financial intermediary anticipates to grow assets and his client base, while also satisfying the demand for an appropriate solution for his client’s children. Last but not least, the burdens from settlement, consultation protocols, and a shrinking margin, also in connection with future developments (e.g. Mifid2), were mentioned during the first meeting. QAP supported this client with expertise in ETF selection and portfolio construction. Our suggested price policy and the target group directed marketing (e.g. age, wealth, values) aim to minimize cannibalization of the existing business. Beside the desired growth strategy, price discrimination can be achieved.

Right from the start, we aim for a high degree of automation. Be surprised, how standardized procedures can be combined with individual parameters of your clients, e.g. retail investors, for a straight-through-processing. We have developed modules and interfaces (APIs) that already drive FinTechs.