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Our team is made up of experts in asset management and in information technology. The strong interconnection between financial markets and IT is one significant defining feature of QAP. We put a lot of effort into continuously recruiting and integrating top talent into our team.


Within our company, we incorporate expertise on ETFs (European and US), funds (UCITS, mutual funds, hedge funds), alternative investments, and on non-liquid assets and vehicles. In information technology, our team members have skills in Java, Kafka, Docker, APIs, PHP, R, Excel (VBA), data bases (SQL, NoSQL, in-memory, kdb), IT infrastructure and related topics.

Innovation and interface competencies are two major aspects of our consulting services. Therefore, we cultivate interdisciplinary approaches. Our team makes use of best practices and insights from other fields. The desired combination of experience, intellectual curiosity, and motivation will remain a valuable part of our team culture.

Flat hierarchy, open communication and continuous education shape the start-up mentality of our team. At the same time, we incorporate the professionalism that is expected within the financial market sector.


Managing partner and founder of the company is Christian Schuster. Since 2006, Mr. Schuster who holds the CAIA (Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst) designation has been working in the financial market environment. During his earlier career path, he was active in institutional fund marketing but predominantly in asset management. Stations included an Equity Long/Short hedge fund and a fund management company specialized in ETFs. The development of investment strategies, trading in equities and other securities came along with sales activities.

Mr. Schuster has always worked in small- and mid-sized companies, helping to establish one as the first day employee. Projects also included standardization and automation of pre and post portfolio management processes. He gained comprehensive knowledge about the numerous interfaces and parties involved in the asset management value chain.


We go the extra mile to continuously recruit and integrate top talent into our team. More information on the team and open positions are provided on our careers page.