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QAP Analytic Solutions GmbH is a consultancy with focus on financial market topics. We combine comprehensive expertise on funds, ETFs, alternative investments, and on the operational processes in asset management with internal IT capabilities.

Consulting & Implementation

Our consulting and technical implementation of analytical tools, for example, goes hand in hand. Many of our consulting services – some lead to specific recommendations like fund and manager selection – require data-driven analysis. We develop software and analytical tools internally to offer these as a service to our clients and external entities.

To guarantee quality and to optimize communication, we build expertise within our company. We go the extra mile to recruit and continuously integrate top talent into our team.

Our Clients

Our range of services addresses financial market companies. For professional and institutional investors as well as for their service providers, we offer our consulting and analytical capacities on an individual basis. Fund and manager selection is one of those services.

The challenges from digitalization for wealth managers, banks and other financial intermediaries are as high as ever before. Together with our clients, we develop business models to face and transform the challenges into successful growth stories.

Standardized tools that we develop internally are provided to financial market investors. These tools help to arrive at decisions quicker, more transparent and on a data-driven basis. For clients on the buy side, we tailor to their specific requirements.

For retail clients, even for those with low experience, we provide analytical tools and web apps directly or indirectly via wealth managers and advisors. The objective is to support in decision-making and also to make financial markets more accessible.

No Conflicts of Interest

QAP is independent from financial service companies and holds no shares in external financial market companies.

We do not receive any sales commissions or other remuneration from fund, ETF or other product providers. We are committed to our clients, not to any other party. Conflicts of interest are prevented and with a long-term perspective in mind, we strive to have incentive and interest alignment with our clients.

FinTech? Yes, but…

„You combine Finance and Technology. So you are a FinTech!?“

Yes, we combine financial market topics with digitalization. QAP is a consultancy with a broad spectrum in financial markets and advises FinTechs and companies that want to grow through digitalization strategies. From business idea to implementation, clients can rely on our capabilities. We are familiar with existing business models in asset management and continuously educate ourselves on new market participants. Modules and APIs which can be utilized for robo advisor solutions, for example, are provided by QAP.

Similar to all other services we offer, especially fund and manager selection, we analyze your new initiative in FinTech from all perspectives and aim to find deficiencies. As a consequence, valuable resources are only consumed for the most promising approaches and projects.

If you have a new idea or already a business model in the FinTech area (asset or wealth management), we are your first contact. Beside a transparent analysis, clear statements, and recommendations, you can expect us to be your reliable partner from concept to implementation. We have developed modules and interfaces (APIs) that already drive FinTechs and can offer white label solutions.

CASE STUDY: Diversifikator
Diversifikator GmbH offers transparent portfolios for „skeptical“ advisors and investors. Founded in 2016 by Prof. Dr. Dirk Söhnholz, the „FinTech“ company provides diversified, forecast-free portfolios on its website www.diversifikator.com. Target groups are financial intermediaries (B2B) as well as private clients (B2C). For the website users, “Test-it-Yourself”-Tools show appropriate portfolio allocations and scenarios in an easy, fast and intuitive way.


Within the range of our competencies and resources, interesting and challenging projects, solutions for which we see demand – even outside of financial markets – are started in-house and executed with partners or on our own.